It was a good day to be a cowboy!


We’ve been attending the Chamber of Commerce Red Hot & Wild Chili Cook-Off for 6 years now. Four years ago we decided to give the showmanship category a shot and we created a Saloon just for this occasion. 364 days a year it sits in off site storage collecting dust but one day each year it comes alive, we suit up western style and make enough chili to feed a small town.

It was a good day to be a cowboy at this year’s contest. We took 1st Place in CASI Showmanship, 1st Place in Overall Showmanship (3 categories) and 2nd Place in CASI chili (out of 18 entrants)! We usually just show up to work the crowd and have a good time but to walk away with a few trophies is a great honor. Thanks to all are friends who stopped by to try some of our chili. If you’ve never attended a chili cook-off before you should definitely find one in your neck of the woods and check it out.

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