Your Tax Return Could Be A Down Payment On A Home!

Getting a tax refund? Still paying rent? Make an investment in your future!

Owning your own home can have several benefits….

Pride of ownership – this is an untangeable benefit, but owning your home offers a sense of pride for you and your family

Build equity that can benefit you in the future – you can refinance with cash out for things like college, weddings, debt consolidation…

Potential additional tax deductions – who doesn’t like a lower tax bill or a larger refund!?

Also, rates are creeping upward. After years of record-low interest rates, we are seeing some noticeable increases. With economic growth continuing to carry momentum, it is predicted we’ll see at least two to four more rate increases throughout 2018. The more buyers wait, the more expensive it will likely get to buy. In other words, if you want in on the American dream, now might be the time and a tax refund is a great start towards that dream.


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