Did You Sustain Property Damage During the Kokomo Tornadoes?

Did You Sustain Property Damage During the Kokomo Tornadoes? 
You may be eligible for tax relief:

If you’ve suffered property damage as the result of the tornadoes last week, you may be eligible for some relief from property taxes.   Those that sustained significant damage to structures such as homes, garages, businesses or personal property may be eligible for reassessment.

The taxpayer will need to complete petition Form 137 R. Click here to learn more about Form 137 R, CLICK HERE. and then provide any information that is helpful in determining whether or not a reassessment should be ordered.

tornado.kokomoWhat else will the taxpayer need to do to submit a completed petition?

Taxpayers should be given the opportunity to provide evidence for consideration. The evidence could include, but not be limited to: photographs, video, repair bills, insurance claims, news articles, appraisals, reports and other documentation from local, state and federal agencies.