How to Enjoy Thanksgiving… Seriously!

Ummm…. How to “enjoy” Thanksgiving!? Yes! If you’ve ever hosted this holiday at your home…. you know what I’m talking about. We, at LeaderOne Financial, have the pleasure of helping many first time homebuyers purchase their first homes. Often, along with this rite of passage, comes the “honor” of hosting a major holiday gathering in your home. Also, for those who we’ve helped upgrade to their bigger dream homes, get ready to become the new hot spot for family gatherings! I’d like to offer this advice to those who have risen to the challenge of playing host:

Set the table the night before

I mean EVERYTHING! You can even place the empty serving dishes to strategically plan where everything will go when it’s time for the real deal. If you have children, give them the task of makingImage result for thanksgiving table decor place cards. 2 things will be accomplished here; the kids will be occupied for a couple of hours AND you can avoid seating crazy cousin Eddie who still talks about his crazy college partying days next to Uncle Joseph who is a pastor at a local church.