Tips for Prepping Your Home to Sell

So you’ve come to the conclusion that selling and moving to a new home/city is in your best interest. Maybe it’s to move to a better school district. Perhaps you’ve accepted a higher paying job in a new city or maybe you’re just ready for a change in climate or scenery. We’ve assembled a list of tips that may help make this process a little easier on you.

      1. First thing’s first…. de-personalize

You will want to “remove yourself” from the home. In other words, take down extremely personal items such as portraits, Johnny’s finger paintings. Pack these times of items in clear,           plastic totes with lids. You’ll want to skip the cardboard boxes when packing these irreplaceable items.  You want potential buyers to imagine their own photos on the walls… not focusing on yours and wondering what kind of family is currently living here. Consider placing a “Welcome Home” sign in the entryway when you remove the latest family portrait. READ THE FULL POST HERE