thursdayYou know, it’s very frustrating when there are lenders out there who are taking advantage of people.  Not just occasionaly but all of the time.  For some it’s the thrill of the hunt and for others it’s all about making as much money as possible, regardless of how it’s effecting other people’s lives.  They don’t always look like criminals.  There’s no obvious name tag to warn you you’re in the wrong building.  You can’t hardly watch TV or listen to the radio today without hearing about the mortgage industry, foreclosure statistics and declining property values.  As a loan officer this is very frustrating because business suffers.  The blessing in disguise for us is the fact this has a lot of consumers on the lookout for an honest lender.  Too many people wander into the wrong office or take advice from a co-worker who has yet to realize they were recently taken advantage of.  Ask around.  Ask your Realtor about the lender you’re considering working with.  Do some research online.  Get a 2nd opinion if you’re not sure about the lender you’re about to make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life with.  Be cautious before you sign on the dotted line!