thursdayThere’s never been an easier time to make an extra $8,000.  The governement is giving it away and the only catch, you have to buy a house this year to get it!  (Watch our video to learn more about the new tax credit.) Honestly people, even without the $8,000 icing on the cake, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Interest rates are historically low, property values are way down and there is still great financing options available for first time homebuyers.

Let’s talk about a few of them…

If your buying a home in the country, let’s just say outside of major metro areas, there is the USDA Rural Housing program just waiting to lend you 100% financing.  Low fixed interest rates, low closing cost and no PMI! (Watch our video on PMI if you scratching your head right now). There are income restrictions but if you qualify this program is awesome.

If you’ve served in the past or are still in the military you may qualify for a VA (Veterans) loan.  100% financing, no PMI, high loan amounts and no income requirements.  With the recent war there are many, many and we repeat, many home buyers who can take advantage of this program.

FHA (Federal Housing Authority) has been around for years.  Although they’ve recently changed some of the requirements you can buy a home with as little as a 3.5% down payment.   The seller can pay your closing cost and escrows, toss in a property tax credit and you may come to closing with even less out of pocket.

Home ownership has always been the American dream.  The pinata has busted wide open. Get your house candy before it’s all gone!

You can apply on our website or email us with questions at questions@2mortgageguys.com