thursdayAre you the kind of person that wakes up with work on your brain?  Goes to bed with work on your brain?  If so this article is for you.   If not, stop reading right now.  You wouldn’t understand.  Now that we’ve slimmed down the crowd we can talk about vacation in a way the rest of us can relate to.  Our spouses want us to take it, our kids want us to take it and deep down inside we want to take it too.  There just never seems to be the right time.  This week was the right time for me.

First time I’ve taken a week off for Spring Break since the kid’s were born.  My oldest is ten.  It started off with rain for the first 3 days before turning to snow.  Yes,  I said Spring Break.  So we went to the IMAX theatre and watched Aliens vs. Monsters, great flick, kids loved it.  We hung out inside playing Rock Band 2.  I’ll have to devote a whole blog to this.  Finally the sun came out today so I spent some time outside fixing a few things I’ve been putting off for a while.  Grilled out, chased the kids around the yard, attempted to go fishing for a few minutes.  Not even a nibble.

Tomorrow we are heading up north.  Rain in the forecast for the next two days.  We’re staying at an indoor water park hotel and going to our favorite Amish restaurant.  That’s right, I said Amish and it’s the best home cooked meal and dessert on the planet.  Saturday we’re having dinner with the neighbor and Sunday we’re celebrating Easter and my Dad’s birthday at my Dad’s house.  Monday it’s back to work.

Yes, there is a point to all of this rambling.  Even though this vacation didn’t come with the perfect backdrop and we didn’t take some exotic trip to paradise.  We did enjoy a great deal of time together.  My kids will remember what I look like for months to come and we all had a chance to connect again.  After all, when you get right down too it, isn’t that the real reason we all work so hard.  Security and lifestyle are the two reasons we devote the majority of our focus on our business.  The next time you have the option to take off some time, do it.  Take a vacation.  It’s what work is all about!