tuesdayOkay, so today is Cinco De Mayo and I know what you’re thinking. Margaritas! You won’t be the only one down at the local Mexican Restaurant enjoying some chips and salsa, good company and a few drinks. Make sure you don’t let all of the festivities put you behind the wheel a little to impaired.

On average, a 200 pound man can drink 3 drinks (12oz. beer, 5oz. wine, 1.25oz. 80 proof liquor) inside of 2 hours (at the Mexican Restaurant of course) without becoming too impaired to drive. An average 140 pound woman can drink 2 drinks using the same Blood Alcohol Chart.

Our advice: get the frozen margaritas, don’t eat too many chips (they’re extremely fattening), and get a designated driver to take you home if you plan on drinking too much! Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!