thursdayOkay, it’s 2009 and  if you haven’t heard of American Idol by now you must have recently woke up from a long term coma!  I admit, I’m a bit hooked on the show.  Every season I tell myself I’m not going to watch it but somehow and at some point I end up watching each and every episode.  All of this brings me to my point.  Should Adam Lambert really win American Idol?

Let me start by saying that I recognize the boy has talent but I just can’t buy into the whole 80’s rock band, high schrill screaming he puts on every and I mean every song!  I don’t believe for a second that the whole goth image is what he prefers to wear.  Somehow I have an easier time picturing him with a pair of white dress paints and a pink sweater wrapped around his shoulders.  I have to think it’s all part of the had crafted act by his parents to brand him as some Rock GOD. 

I was a big fan Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud.  As of the last few weeks, Kris Allen is really starting to grow on me.  For me, it’s all about the artist in which I would buy a CD from if they were to release one.  I think Chris will end up losing but will probably end up with a pretty good CD.  I’m having a real hard time imagining Adam coming out with a Rock CD that actually stands up with today’s artists.  He’ll end up winning and his CD will end up sucking.

Here I am, a professional mortgage advisor, attempting to educate and discuss things in the mortgage industry and I’m so rattled with this whold Adam Lambert thing I couldn’t think about anything else to write about today!  Anyone out there feel the same way I do?