I took the family to see the new Transformers II movie last night.  The first Transformers movie was great.  Tons of action, amazing special effects, humor, pretty much covered everything that makes a great movie.  The sequel, Transformers II, Revenge of the Fallen was also pretty darn good!  I say darn because I don’t have to use a word more harsh than that to get my point across.  Apparantely the writers felt differently when assembling this family friendly sequel.

It’s Transformers, of course children from all over the globe are going to want to see it.  Why put any curse words in the movie at all?  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll throw out a bad word in my vocabulary on occasion but I guess there’s a time and place for everything.  I don’t use profanity in front of my children because I don’t want them to use it.  I didn’t hear any major bad words in the move but on several occasions I found myself looking at my wife becasue of the unnecessary use of profanity.

I guess the part that bugs me about this is it really wasn’t necessary nor did it add anything to the movie.  There were parts where the main characters mom cursed, a couple of Autobots (The good guys) used words that I really don’t want my boys running around the house calling each other.  I can handle a movie with some violence or intense action but I really try to limit their exposure to sexual situations and unnecessary language.

I really enjoyed the movie, my boys loved it and I’m willing to bet it gets raving reviews and makes millions of dollars.  I just wish they wouldn’t have transformed the script into something they didn’t need to!