Even though 3 day weekends don’t come very often and all day rain is on the forecast, here’s a few ideals to make the best of this holiday weekend!  After all, the invites have been sent and every one’s on their way over!

  Clean out your garage so all the kids have a large place to play.   Let’s face it, unless you have a basement to stuff them in they’ll be running throughout the house leaving behind a long trail of chaos and sound pollution.  Set up a couple of folding tables in the garage, give them some games and toys and the adults may be able to pull off a complete conversation inside the nice air conditioned house.

1b.)  Ignore (1a) and let the kids play in the house and set up some tables for the adults in the garage.  Same effect as number one.

  Call everyone and ask them to bring their bathing suits.  Set up a slip and slide, badminton net (avoid using the long metal racquet’s), maybe even a game of bocce’ (the rain shouldn’t effect this game too much).  Embrace mother nature and enjoy the tsunami that’s hovering over your party.

  Rain may make it difficult for burgers so here’s a way to utilize the ten pounds of ground beef you already bought.  Make your main dish a taco bar instead of burgers.  Buy some tortilla shells and fry up the ground beef indoors.  Decorate in the spirit of Cinco De Mayo but call it Quatro de Julio instead.  Whip up a few pitchers of margaritas and no one will even remember the rain outside.

  Dust off those board games and get out a few decks of cards.  Hopefully the kids are still in the garage and you can play some Texas Hold em or Euchre if you live in the midwest.  I would still give heavy consideration to making margaritas even if you decide against the Quatro de Julio ideal.

  Cancel the party, put in a few depressing movies and sob in your self pity until the sun goes down.  We strongly urge you chose options one through four instead and save this option for birthdays and work anniversaries.

NOTE:  Under no circumstance should you resort to lighting off the fireworks indoors.  I did this once as a teenager and the results were not as expected.  Today this day, I’m still not allowed back to that house.

Happy 4th of July!!!!!