I know keeping up with technology can be overwhelming but when Grandma beats you to the punch, it’s time to break down and figure it out for yourself! Facebook is on fire with new members and if you haven’t taken the time to create your own free account you’re really missing out on something pretty amazing.

Nine months ago I created a Facebook account because somebody invited me to join via email. I thought to myself, yeah, I really don’t have time to be playing around on here but somehow I ended up doing it anyways. It’s really pretty easy to get started. Type in your name and as much information about yourself as you’re comfortable sharing with the free world, upload a nice photo and you’re practically done. I did all of this and then never logged back in for six months.  At the time, I just didn’t realize how cool this could be.

Jump ahead six months later. For some reason I fail to remember now, I logged back in one day and OMG! (Oh, my God for those of you really behind the times) I had forty something people send me a Friend Request. Classmates from High School that I haven’t seen in many years. Old friends from previous jobs. Current friends I didn’t even realize had Facebook accounts and of course relatives I typically only see at major holidays. I accepted all of their Friend Requests and then the party began.

Facebook is truly an online party. It’s a place where you can easily communicate with people you may not otherwise do so with. You can see recent photos and learn a few things about people you’ve know througout your life. Some people are logged in twenty four hours a day and others pipe in on occasion and add to the conversation. It’s a great way to stay “in the know” on what’s happening with everyone and it’s a great way to let everyone know what’s happening with you.

If you’re in any sort of sales profession this is a must have! I happen to like my job and I also happen to think I’m pretty darn good at it. I want everyone I know and don’t know to think of me when they need a mortgage or some sort of help in the real estate industry. Hanging out at the Facebook party has proven to be a great place to let people know what I do for a living.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t log in everyday and beg for business.  That would be very annoying.  I do make lots of contact with lots of people.  I’ve been able to connect with other people in my industry that have referred clients to me and I’ve been asked to help out by a lot of people that didn’t know I was in the mortgage business until they found me on Facebook.

Today’s the day you should quit making excuses.  Take a few minutes and set up your own account.  You’ll really be surpised just how neat this is and you never know who you may reconnect with because of this new technology.  Beat your Grandma to the punch and look me up once you get to the party.  Yes, my fifth grade basketball photo is now available to the free world!