Kokomo — Reductions and changes in state school funding have cost 33 Kokomo-Center Schools teachers their jobs.

Superintendent Jeff Hauswald said Tuesday he and corporation administrators have met with all the impacted teachers, to let them know that unless there are additional retirements, resignations or changes in enrollment, they will not have jobs in the fall.

“It is regrettable that the budget decisions concerning public schools being made at the state level are costing many of our young, quality teachers their jobs,” Hauswald said. “Kokomo-Center’s general fund budgets have been significantly reduced over the past few years. Additionally, a new budget formula will negatively impact Kokomo-Center and further reduce funding.”

Hauswald said most of the positions lost were at the secondary level and in special education.

He said the teachers impacted have between one and five years experience. They will be on a list to be the first called back if there are any more retirements or resignations, or if enrollment increases, along with the few teachers left on the reduction in force list from 2010.

Hauswald said some could be called back, because the 2011 retirement deadline is Friday. The board will meet to vote on the reduction in force at a special meeting at 1:30 May 26.

By Danielle Rush-Kokomo Tribune