Crowds are getting bigger now that activities are intensifying. On Thursday, Super Bowl Village attracted an estimated 150,000 people. About 16,000 visited NFL Experience for a running total of 190,000 so far. Over 6,825 people have taken a ride on the zipline.

Organizer Susan Baughman asked families to stay together for Friday night’s concerts at Super Bowl Village. She requested that parents do not drop off their teenagers for the shows and instead go with them.

The Verizon stage features Morris Day and the Time at 2:00 pm, En Vogue at 4:30 pm, Fitz and the Tantrums at 7:00 pm and LMFAO at 9:30 pm.

Baughman said while there have been several instances of lost children or adults getting separated from their parties, people have been reunited quickly thanks to help from police and security forces.  “Crowds are large and it’s very easy to get separated no matter what your age,” she said.

  • Visitors are being asked to make sure young children know their first and last names, their parents’ names and their address. It may be useful for parents to write their name and cell phone number on a piece of paper and place it in the child’s pocket in case they become separated.
  • Super Bowl organizers suggest choosing a spot to return to if you get separated, and taking a photo of your child so you have a picture to share of how they look that day.

For those of us who will be driving downtown to take part in the pre game festivities; the first order of business will be parking.

Some options are:

Now that you’ve found a spot to park… DON’T FORGET IT!  I like to snap a picture of a landmark (garage name, parking level, row…) so I know right where to find my vehicle.  Be prepared to exercise lots of patience getting in and out of downtown.  From the rave reviews given to Indy as host of the Super Bowl; it will be worth it!

Click here to go directly to the indianapolissuperbowl.com EVENTS CALENDAR.  It gives the option to search only NFL Experience Events, Super Bowl Village Events or both.

With thousands of ticket holders arriving today; the entertainment will be non stop from early this morning to late this evening.  Be sure to check out the events calendar link above for more info.