Kokomo Housing Market Gains Compliment The Recent Jobs Announcements

Although the signs are modest, evidence of improvement in the Kokomo economy are seen in home sales data released by the Indiana Association of Realtors and in the recent jobs announcements.

“The gains in our housing market reflect the positive news in local job growth,” said Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight. “Our stabilizing housing market combined with recent private sector announcements of business expansion and new hiring are evidence of growing economy.”

 In July, FedEx Ground opened a $5 million distribution facility in Kokomo, and CD Logistics announced plans to expand in Kokomo and add 43 jobs.

These positive gains are helping bolster the local economy as more home sales should generate more consumer spending on home-related goods and services. This in turn should lead to more hiring.

While the Kokomo area remains one of the most affordable housing markets in the country, the good news for home sellers is the apparent trend toward increased home prices. In 2011, the median home price in Howard County was $70,000. In 2012, the median home price increased by seven percent to $74,900.

The Kokomo housing market has consistently received positive press both locally and nationally.  Have you considered buying a home  amid this positive news?  We would love the opportunity to help you see if you qualify for a mortgage by clicking here!

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Information via Kokomo Perspective