Kokomo Citizens Urged To Be Aware of US Airlines Scam


US AirCitizens nationwide and in Kokomo, Ind. have reported getting unsolicited letters or emails from US Airlines.

These letters or emails have been identified as a part of a scam, said the Kokomo Police Department.

The notices enclose a check for over a $1,000 and the check can be redeemed “for a certificate for 2 round trip airline tickets to anywhere in the continental US from any major international airport.”

The letter or email also describes this opportunity as the last opportunity of many invitations to redeem the check.

Two major details that falsify the authenticity of these letters or emails include:


1) US Airlines does not exist. Please do not confuse it with US Airways or other airlines.
2) The name “Travel Union” is on the check with a Scottsdale, Ariz. address. This business does not exist and there is no return address on the notice.

The Kokomo Police Department encourages people to not call the number on the notice because scammers can collect information from your telephone number. Also, do not click any links or attachments. Delete the email or discard of the letter you receive in the mail.

The goal of this phishing scam is to gather your information.

Because the prosecution of such scams is difficult, officers have found that crime prevention is an effective alternative to reduce fraud and scam victimization.

You are encouraged to notify the Office of the Indiana Attorney General’s Consumer Protection DivisionFederal Bureau of Investigation and your nearest law enforcement agency if you are the victim of a scam.