Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight says the city must increase quality of life to help retain and attract families that will move it forward. During his state of the city address, Goodnight proposed assembling a blue ribbon panel to suggest improvements to a stadium to ensure the city has a “first class ballpark.”

He also emphasized “wise use” of development surrounding the new U.S. 31 bypass.

Following is the official news release:

KOKOMO, Ind. – Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight delivered his sixth State of the City address at Kokomo’s City Hall where he lauded the City’s status as Indiana’s only debt-free, second class city. He also identified his administration’s initiatives designed to provide students and workers with quality of life incentives to give them: “a reason to put down roots, invest, raise a family, and make Kokomo a permanent destination point in their lives; not just a starting point.”

In his address, Mayor Goodnight noted the economic challenges his city faced during the past five years and outlined his administration’s goals for 2013. “Now we must make sure we manage our success together, by making calculated decisions,” said Mayor Goodnight. “As a community we must improve in ways both big and small. We must raise our standards; we must improve our standards; and we must demand better standards.”

Mayor Goodnight spoke before a filled Council Chamber to an audience that included the Kokomo Common Council, citizens and representatives from the City’s Boards and Commissions.

In his address Mayor Goodnight noted the business announcements
the City of Kokomo experienced in 2012:

-Chrysler continues to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in new manufacturing equipment.

-Haynes International is investing twenty-three point five million dollars to expand its manufacturing capacity.

-Main Street Property Group will soon begin construction on a thirteen point eight million dollar facility.

-Chrysler supplier Reishauer Corporation, an international equipment manufacturer, opened its first office.

-FedEx built and has opened a new five million dollar Kokomo Distribution Facility.

-Carney Echelbarger invested seven-hundred thousand dollars and relocated their machining business to Kokomo

-EAC Corp., a metal & alloy distributor, relocated to Kokomo and invested over two-hundred thousand dollars in new equipment

Mayor Goodnight cautioned against the urge to accept these accomplishments and stop striving for more.

“It is clear that Kokomo is moving forward on education and on economic development,” said Mayor Goodnight. “When it comes to quality of life, we must continue to constantly raise our standards. The future of our community depends on it.”

The full text of the speech can be read online at www.cityofkokomo.org. The speech will also replay on K-Gov television Channel 2 in Kokomo.

Source: Kokomo Mayor’s Office