There’s never been a better time to consider walking, public transportation — or the greenest, most efficient form of transport: cycling.

Once a novelty of the Industrial Revolution, bicycles now supply millions of people with efficient, healthy, pollution-free daily transportation. Bicycles can reduce traffic congestion and noise. You can park a dozen bikes in the space of a single automobile, and the idea of a morning commute free of fossil fuels seems particularly attractive fuel costs go up and down.

Even if you only cycle once a week — on Casual Fridays, perhaps — you’ll be reducing your weekly commute’s environmental impact by 20 percent. That’s about the same as trading your current vehicle for a hybrid, and a lot cheaper.

You can really do this. You’ll be healthier and a little richer  for the experience.

But commuting by bicycle takes planning. Let’s get started! Why not start on National Bike to Work Day!?

Kokomo offers both The Wildcat Walk of Excellence and theIndustrial Heritage Trail for your riding enjoyment. If you can’t ride to work, why not take the family out for a bike ride? 

with contributions by C.Baskind