Are you anticipating selling your home in the near future?  Following are some tips from industry experts suggest that may help when you decide it is time to “sell my house”.

Stand Out

Try to bring attention to your home by making sure it stands out in a good way. Consider adding custom designs to the exterior of your home; maybe some shutters on the house, upgraded door knobs with a matching toe kick at the front door, some fresh landscaping or new house numbers. All of these small details can help change the way that potential buyers look at your home. Before selling your home, consider improvements that are going to appeal to a wider audience.

Renovate Intelligently

On the same note, don’t over-do. In various studies, results have concluded that adding say, a sun room to your home may not always increase the overall value of your property. You have to improve on things that people are interested in. If you are going to invest money before selling your home, make sure that you are making general changes that will adhere to a large group of individuals. You want to get a return on your investment.

Clean the Clutter

This tip may seem fairly obvious, but when selling your home, be sure that all clutter is clear from both the inside and outside of your property. This includes removing excess furniture so that your rooms look bigger. Also remove personal belongings such as family photos or excess collectibles on shelves.

Sweeten the Deal

Another way to make your home appear more lucrative to buyers is to “sweeten the pot”. Basically, this is when you add incentives to the deal that are likely to cause the buyer to make the decision to buy. For example, you can offer a few thousand dollars credit towards the closing costs. Or maybe you can offer to pay the closing costs in whole, depending on how motivated you are. Buyers appreciate this and it can really help in selling your house quick. You could also new carpet throughout at the buyers choice of style. Or you could pay to have the interior of the house professionally repainted, if your original colors are outdated.

Improve Curb Appeal

Finally, make sure that your home’s curb appeal is up to par. This is probably one of the most effective tips that you can take when selling your house. Basically, how does your home fit in with the surrounding neighborhood? Does it stick out for worse or for better? Could your lawn use a manicure?

These are all questions that you should be asking yourself because this is what people see when they first visit your home. Curb appeal is like a first impression: people will most likely make up their mind as to whether or not they are going to buy when they initially see the home. Make sure that their first impression is memorable.