It’s been a while since the Feds have hiked rates, and experts are trying to determine just when to bump them up again.

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee (say that 10 times fast) recently adjourned, and they left rates unchanged. But their December agenda could include a rate increase. So what does this mean for mortgage rates and for you?

It Means You Should…
Check Your Mortgage Rate NOW

First of all, the Federal Reserve does NOT “make” consumer mortgage rates. What the Fed says does influence mortgage rates though. So, we can probably expect a slight mortgage interest rate increase in the future.

What might seem like a little increase, really makes a difference when it comes what is likely your biggest financial commitment ever – your mortgage. Save money now, so that you can save money every year going forward.

We are geeks of the industry

We understand that following market trends, inflation, bonds, the U.S. Federal Reserve and Wall Street, might not be how you like to spend your free time. And, you shouldn’t have to. Leave it to the industry geeks…the professionals…the experts…at LeaderOne Financial, your local mortgage lender.

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Whether you are considering refinancing (and if you weren’t considering it, you should be now) or if you are thinking about a home purchase, NOW is a GREAT time to take the steps that are necessary and also the steps that will make you feel more financially secure with your decision.

So, what are the steps?

Get pre-approved in 3 simple steps…

  1. The first step is super simple: Give us a call at 765-450-8933, so we can chat.
  2. Next complete our easy loan application via our secure website, or you can provide your information over the phone.
  3. Finally, provide us with your documentation, so we can get you approved with underwriting.

See, that sounds pretty painless, doesn’t it?

dont waitWhen it comes to matching the wants, needs and realities of what you’re looking for in a home; you need realistic numbers.

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