Social distancing fun from LeaderOne! (2 of 10 in a series)

We want to share a series of fun ideas over the next few weeks while you are social distancing at home. Let’s make the best of these extra days we get to be together, safe at home!

Star in a Cooking Show!

Pick a new recipe from a cookbook or website or choose a family crowd pleaser and work together prepping, cooking and videoing your own cooking show.

Once you’ve settled on a meal, have a contest to come up with the name of the show. Get out that blank paper and crayons/colored pencils and have each family member design your show logo. Vote on a winner and start your video shot with the winning logo. Once your show is wrapped up, send your video to your friends/family members that might enjoy seeing the fun!

Here are some kid-friendly recipe ideas to help get you started :
<CLICK HERE for recipes>

We care and we hope to try and help you make the best of staying at home. Have fun and stay healthy!