Social distancing fun from LeaderOne! (4 of 10 in a series)

We want to share a series of fun ideas over the next few weeks while you are social distancing at home. Let’s make the best of these extra days we get to be together, safe at home!

Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks!

Spend some extra play time with your pup! You can go on a stroll of the yard or even create a fun obstacle course.

If you’re feeling ambitious, click here to see 10 fun tricks you can treat your dog. You’ll bond with your dog and they’ll love the attention they are receiving.
(source: dogtime.com)

Take video of the process of teaching your pup a trick then post for your family and friends to see. Ask them to post their tricks for you to try.

We care and we hope to try and help you make the best of staying at home. Have fun and stay healthy!