“I don’t even know where to start. I tried for 5 years to get a mortgage and every other company looked at my credit score and I never heard from them again. I worked on my credit, but it was still not great. I saw someone on Facebook mention LeaderOne Financial and I figured it couldn’t hurt to apply. Steve responded to my application and said, “No problem, we can do this”. And they did. Steve, Kelly, and Angie all worked tirelessly on my loan to find the perfect fit, the best rates I could get, and held my hand throughout the entire process. I’ve heard horror stories about unresponsive lenders and it’s not something I ever had to worry about. Within hours, I had a response to every question from one of the three people.

Steve sent personalized videos over email to walk me through confusing paperwork. Angie was incredibly thorough made underwriting an absolute breeze and Kelly was always available for questions if Steve wasn’t.

Throughout the process I was introduced to each new person my loan was handed off to, but Steve was always available no matter what part of the process I was in. My realtor was included in all emails so I didn’t have to repeat anything and I genuinely feel like I found the dream team here. On top of all that, having a local lender instead of a Big Bank was invaluable.

With everyone working together, I close two days from now instead of two weeks. Thank you so much to my mortgage team for finally making my dream come true.”

– Amber Gooden – Client