If you are still on the couch thinking about buying a home, what are you waiting for? There are so many reasons that now is the right time to start your search for the perfect home. Interest rates are still low and beginning to rise so grab a great rate and get locked into that rage before they go up. They are not likely to go down anymore, they have stabilized and have even crept up a little bit.

Home prices? We have recently seen that existing home sales have increased dramatically and what should that tell you? The more they sell and the faster they sell the higher the likelihood that the prices will rise along with demand. Of course, there are still many homes out there but when buyers start losing homes because they are competing with other offers it is a good indication that the activity is much stronger than the past several years.

Naturally, there are still homes that seem to sit on the market for a long time. What is the real story? Understanding that just because you see a sign in the yard for months means nothing. A short sale sign will be up for months even after an offer has been submitted to the bank. If a home is really still available after several months that means either it is priced too high, it is not in good condition and probably needs a lot of money put into fixing it up just to make it livable.

You still have a lot of choices like bank owned homes and short sales but the normal sale homes are back and they go quickly since they are usually in much better condition and there are no waiting games when finding out if your offer is going to be considered.

Get pre-qualified, grab a good qualified realtor and start your search for the perfect home at the perfect time now!

About the Author:
Nancy Niblett is a highly respected and awarded real estate professional working in the Phoenix Metro area. She has won many production and culture awards including Phoenix Business Journals top 50 Individual Agents for the past seveeral years.