Want to help keep your home safe from burglars while on vacation? One smart way is to refrain from announcing your plans on various social networks such as Facebook. 

There’s other common-sense tips, too, as shared in this 4-minute video from NBC’s The Today Show.

Drawing from a series of interview with former convicts, you’ll learn that there’s more to keeping your home safe than just locking the doors and windows, and setting the alarm system for “away”. You’ll also want to make sure your home looks “lived in”.

And some of these tricks you may have never thought of. 

For example, while on vacation:

  • Make sure a neighbor is picking up your mail and newspapers daily
  • If it snows, have a friend drive tracks in your driveway, or shovel it clean
  • Set inside lights to a timer, giving the appearance someone being home

In addition, if you don’t have a safe for valuables, consider moving them to a child’s room. It’s among the last places a burglar looks.

You can’t make your home 100% safe from intruders but you can make your home a tougher target. Just use some common sense and follow the tips in the video.