Buyers that jump in and out of homes all day, become like rabbits in the field.  If a home deal seems too good to be true, it very well may be too good to be true. All too often we find home buyers that  are so excited about the great deal that they are all but ready to write it up, site unseen!

This is rarely the great deal that they were counting on. As a matter of fact, it is often a waste of their time. But many times, what does come to light, is that the prospective buyer is not even prepared to go about buying a home.

To avoid this problem get yourself ready to buy a home. First, know what you can afford. That means talking with a lender.

Second, once you are aware of your purchasing power, concentrate on neighborhoods that you like and that will work well for you.

And lastly, choose a home within that neighborhood with your Realtor at your side.

A good Realtor is there to provide you with all of the above and more.  They will keep you abreast of homes and neighborhoods that fit what you are looking for within your criteria.

Choose a Realtor that has experience and works well with your personality. If you choose a seasoned agent, the insight gained by years of service in the business, will prove invaluable.  Hire your agent in the capacity of a buyer’s agent.

Many things can be learned on line, but when it comes to knowing the contract, the scoop on a neighborhood, and getting the transaction completed, you’ll find your Realtor to be your best resource.

As a home buyer, a buyer’s agent has your best interests at heart, not the seller, not the builder. The buyer’s agent will walk you through the transaction from beginning to end. And in most areas, a buyer’s agent is paid for by the seller or builder.

With today’s internet, you don’t have to actually go inside all of the homes, many you will eliminate right from your computer.  A great resource for Kokomo, Peru and Tipton area home buyers is a property search available on Realtor’s Association of Central Indiana website. Once you have chosen a few favorites, share these with your Realtor so that they may schedule appointments for the two of you to go inside and view these homes in person.

Each property is unique, so finding one you absolutely love is sometimes a bit difficult. Eventually, you’ll find the house.  What should you do?

If you followed the first two steps; you’re in great shape.

Your Realtor will gather information to make sure you are not going to pay too much for the home.

Next, the two of you will review this information and then write up the offer to purchase. The offer to purchase eventually will become a contract.  Your goal is now in reach.

The next thing to do is close. Closing day is the day that the home you are buying actually becomes yours. It is the day all the final paperwork is signed by both the seller and the buyer.

A good strategy for closing day is to schedule the closing mid-week as well as to make an effort not to close on the very last day or first day of the month.  If something goes amiss, and you are scheduled to close during that time period, it tends to be very difficult to reschedule things like movers, attorneys and such.

If you think about it, most leases are scheduled to conclude at the end of the month. Making all services connected with moving and relocation very busy. If you can strategically plan to work around those peak business days, you will save yourself a heap of trouble.

Good luck with your real estate hunt and if you follow the suggestions listed above, it should be smooth sailing!

About the Author:
Claude Cross is Broker/Owner of Homes By Cross. Specializing in Charlotte NC Real Estate since 1994.