Do You Have Time To Wait On Hold?

Wait No More, Thanks To LucyPhone!

As the weather improves in Indiana, so does our desire to get outside more.  Do you want to keep a phone to your ear while waiting on hold to speak with the cable company about a glitch in your service?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could just call you when a human is actually available to help? Let us introduce you to LucyPhone…

In a recent Consumer Reports survey about everyday annoyances, with 10 being “annoys you tremendously,” respondents rated the failure to get a human being on a customer service line an 8.6 …

Enter LucyPhone.com!



Lucyphone gained acclaim in 2010 as the first virtual-queuing service initiated from the consumers-side. Lucyphone’s innovative “outside-in” approach to solving the wait-on-hold problem meant that customers could empower themselves by letting “Lucy,” the virtual agent, wait in their place when then called any customer support number.

While this concept was exciting for consumers, it became clear that it was equally powerful for customer service organizations who wanted to offer this type of capability without the cost and complexity of a major technology buy.

Now companies across various industries (airlines, satellite, utilities) are taking advantage of the Lucyphone infrastructure to provide their customers with the same Never Wait on Hold experience.

Brothers Tom and Mike Oristian incubated Lucyphone out of their consultancy Decogram Corporation in 2009, after their own waiting-on-hold frustrations led them to wonder that there must be a better way. Today, Lucyphone still maintains the consumer-facing solution in addition to enterprise solutions.

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