The Indiana University Kokomo Campus made headlines when it was ranked among the best regional campuses in the Midwest by U.S. News and World Report.

The list was released Wednesday. Chancellor Michael Harris says it is an honor to be mentioned as a top regional campus.

“You know, I said the day I came that we here that IU Kokomo will be providing world-class education. I said that we would provide a world-class degree-a Indiana University degree, one of the best degrees in the world. But we would do it with a public school cost in a private university environment.”

Along with increasing enrollment and focusing on education, the campus wants to enrich student life in the coming years.

The campus has added sports, a more student-friendly campus, and student activities. The campus is also raising money to build a fitness center that will open next fall.

“We are no longer just a commuter campus where people come take a class and go away,” Harris said.

This is a first-ever mention for the campus and is the only IU regional campus to receive a tier 1 recognition.